Our Story

Hi! My name is Heather, the owner/crystal artist of MyBlingThingz and I am SO excited you found my Website!  😊

My mom taught me to sew when I was 10 years old and about 20 years later my own daughter started dance. The combination of these two things led me to designing, sewing & bedazzling dance costumes full time for over 15 years! I quickly became known as the "Queen of Bling" at my daughter's Dance Studio and I loved every minute of it. Fast forward a few more years and MyBlingThingz was born and I was soon making and selling a full line of Swarovski Crystal License Plate Frames, Cell Phone Covers, Badge/ID Holders, Picture Frames, Flip Flops, Hats, Compacts, Pet Collars, Jewelry and for the past 4 years have been bedazzling Nikes, Adidas, Uggs and more! This has been SUCH a fun adventure and my customers are SO excited when they receive their hand made Bling Thingz!! I feel I have truly found my calling because I get to work with sparkly things, which was my favorite part about making Dance Costumes anyway, and getting to work with you, my fabulous customers, every day is amazing!  ♥

MyBlingThingz can basically "Bling" anything and items are constantly being added to the store. So if you have an idea for an item, just let me know. I have hundreds of ideas I haven't even had time to make or get listed yet, so I love to have an excuse to do so, when someone makes a request. ☺

I truly appreciate your support of my small, handmade business and if you ever have any questions about anything, please email me at support@MyBlingThingz.com and I will get back to you RIGHT AWAY!  

I invite you to please check out my store, enjoy the sights, and most of all HAVE FUN shopping at My Bling Thingz!!

~Heather/Owner/Crystal Artist